Treatment Sessions are scheduled based on the amount of time needed to address your specific concerns, and are designed to fit your individual needs with the application of custom blended treatment formulas, holistic modalities, and De La Terre Skincare®. 

Modern lifestyle results in a dramatic change in the body and skin. Many internal and external health conditions can affect skin function, thus leaving it vulnerable and devitalized. The De La Terre Skincare® holistic approach to skin health provides an extraordinary experience in wellness, where repair and healing takes place. De La Terre Skincare® therapies promote skin health by cleansing irritants from the skin surface with the application of pure botanical infusions utilizing the technique of hydrotherapy. Following the application of a “super botanical blend” of herbal clays, mists, and serums, the skin radiates with health. This unique experience in wellness renews, repairs, and restores the overall health and function of the skin. 

-  Initial Intake and Treatment:  1.5-2 hours, $160-$210

-  Follow-up Sessions:  1.25 hour, $135 (+ $25 for each additional .25 hour increment)  Add-on services included

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment to decompress and enjoy some tea, and please wait to be escorted by your therapist to your treatment room. Your appointment will begin at it’s scheduled time. We ask that you turn off your cell phone completely during your time with us, and that you whisper whenever you need to communicate so as not to disturb other sessions in progress.

Please note: All questions and concerns must be addressed during our time together. If you would like to discuss your care further, follow-up sessions may be scheduled as needed.