In Office Sessions - *We ask that you turn off your cell phone completely during your time with us, and that you whisper whenever you need to communicate so as not to disturb others. Please wait to be escorted by your therapist to your treatment room.

If your skin is more congested, we may choose to reserve more time for more extensive extractions, and/or High Frequency treatment.  Application of an additional custom blended treatment mask made with whole food organic ingredients for super happy skin. Explore and discuss your concerns, and the conditions which may be affecting the health of your skin.  Evaluation skincare products you are currently using or considering. Gemstone Therapy to release stagnant lymph fluid, calm inflammation associated with acne or rosacea, and induce a deep state of relaxation.  Soothing neck & shoulder release.  Skin nourishing hand & arm treatment... and little to no "chitchat".

Consulting Sessions are the first step in identifying your skins specific needs with Amber Claire Holistic Skincare, and a prerequisite to your first scheduled Treatment. Together, we will explore in depth the contributing factors to your skin's present condition(s). We will discuss your current self-care practices, skin and body care rituals, dietary patterns, etc., and formulate a treatment plan with product and self-care recommendations to meet your individual needs. *Please note, these sessions do not include treatments. Available to new and existing clients in office or by phone.