Together, we will explore in-depth the contributing factors to your skin's present condition(s). We will discuss your current self-care practices, skin and body care rituals, dietary patterns, etc., and formulate a treatment plan with product and self-care recommendations to meet your individual needs. *Please note, these sessions do not include treatments. Available to new and existing clients in office or by phone.

-  Initial Intake & Consulting Session:  1 hour // $110  For this appointment, please bring (or email with links to the ingredient listings for ) ALL of your skin care products, special at-home treatments, topical prescriptions, and color cosmetics for our review.

-  Follow-up Consulting Sessions:  15 minutes - 1 hour // $35 - $110

-  Additional Session Time:  $25 per 15min increment

In-office appointments:  Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to settle in and decompress. We ask that you turn off your cell phone completely during your time with us, and that you whisper whenever you need to communicate so as not to disturb other sessions in progress. Please wait to be escorted by your therapist to your treatment room.

Scheduling Agreement (cancellations, missed appointments, and late-arrivals): Your scheduled appointment is very important to me, and this time has been reserved especially for you. I understand that sometimes things do come up, and schedule changes may be necessary.  If you must change or cancel an appointment, I ask that you please do so (at minimum) 48 hours in advance. Less than 48 hours notice of cancellation, missed appointments, or late-arrivals will result in a charge equal to your scheduled session time. Thank you for your understanding.